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Kyle Jonathon

Non Union

Performer. Athlete. Storyteller. Kyle Jonathon is determined to stand out and he never shies away from making the biggest mistakes in the room. Although he fantasizes daily about playing Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura, he prides himself in his versatility as an actor; never failing to tackle every role with specificity and joy. His experience playing provincial level soccer shaped him into a fearlessly adaptable performer who thrives under pressure.

Being accepted into Sheridan College’s Honors Bachelor of Musical Theatre Program with no formal training was an achievement unto itself. During his time at school, Kyle thoroughly explored his voice, found his ‘commercial sound’ and was awarded the Acting Award multiple times. He is entering the industry as a risk-taker, a goofball, a leader and a friend.

Kyle aspires to make his mark in the Canadian Theatre/Film scene and abroad. He aspires to become a Playwright and Director of queer-focused material. He wants to be remembered for his constant smile and his never-ending witty charm.