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Steve Amazzal


Steve Amazzal’s love for film originated when living overseas as a child, where his daily diet of American movies shaped his future and taught him a new language. 15 years later and living on a new continent, he attended the Red Deer Theatre Arts program where he began his journey of formal training. Soon after, Steve relocated to Vancouver, secured top representation, and landed his first television job on the iconic “21 Jump Street”. From that point on he appeared in numerous TV commercials, and television series “The Kids Are Alright”, “The Round Table”, “Mysterious Ways” and “Motherland”.

Working on camera, Steve has also worked extensively with EA sports as one of the lead recurring characters “Ed Van Gils” in FIFA STREET SOCCER, and has lent his voice in film and television projects “When Calls the Heart, “The Order” “Davinci’s Inquest” and “StarGate SG-1”.

Steve has had the opportunity to work as a casting assistant to casting directors, and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the industry.