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Alex Di Brita

Non Union

Alex Di Brita is a Canadian actor & musician, known for his raw authenticity and charming character. Whether it be a new song or film, Alex brings his all to every project he does, recently starring in the 2023 horror film “Invited”. Growing up in Ottawa, Alex pursued drama at a young age, graduating from Canterbury High School for the dramatic arts. He says “I feel so lucky to have gone to an arts high school, it has really shaped me into the person and artist I am today”. Through his time at Canterbury, Alex was given the opportunity to compete in the Canadian Improv Games National Tournament, reaching national finals in 2019. As well as directing a short play and taking a starring role in several productions.

During the pandemic, while the world was on pause, Alex continued his acting journey across the country to study at Vancouver Film School. He embarked on an intensive 12 month acting program, where he was able to explore and grow his craft to the artist he is today. While acting will always be his first love, Alex’s passion for the arts has also grown to music. He has been steadily growing a social media following on TikTok, after a viral video leading to 2.4 million views. He uses the platform to build his own audience and to preview new music. Alex could not be more eager, passionate and ambitious as he continues his journey, and love affair with the arts.