Frank da Costa

Principal Agent

Frank da Costa, with his unwavering dedication, has been an anchor at da Costa Talent Management since 2014, setting a high bar for guiding actors towards their fullest potential. His first year at the helm of the film and TV division was marked by a strategic expansion, showcasing a profound understanding of the industry’s intricacies and the importance of creating expansive networks. The launch of its voice division under his leadership not only demonstrated immediate results with series lead bookings but also doubled the agency’s Film/TV bookings, expanding its reach dramatically.

 Drawing from decades of expertise in navigating the complexities of multi-million dollar corporations, Frank has built bridges connecting top-tier producers to global streaming platforms. This intricate web ensures that each artist associated with da Costa is presented with rich opportunities and favorable terms that align seamlessly with their career aspirations.

Under Frank’s support, talents like Devyn Nekoda have flourished, with notable projects including ‘Scream VI’ from Paramount Pictures, ‘Sneakerella’ on Disney Plus, and ‘Utopia Falls’ on Hulu. Similarly, Troy James made waves with roles in ‘Hellboy’ by Lionsgate, ‘The Flash’ on The CW Network, and ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ by CBS Films. Not to be overshadowed, Ess Hödlmoser showcased their versatility with projects such as ‘Motherland: Fort Salem’ on Hulu and ‘The Boys’ by Amazon Studios.

Yet, what truly sets Frank apart is his genuine belief in fostering individual growth, the kind of growth that’s not just about personal accolades but about uplifting everyone in the room. In his own words, “Celebrate each success, whether it’s yours or another’s, with the same spirited joy.” As the days roll on, Frank continues to inspire, guide, and broaden the horizons for all at da Costa Talent Management.

Frank’s dedication, vision, and adeptness in talent representation have cemented his reputation as an industry leader, with each success story of the talents he represents serving as a testament to his unwavering commitment.

“Celebrate each success, whether it’s yours or another’s, with the same spirited joy.”

Frank da Costa