Stephen Greig

Principal Agent

Stephen, a key figure at da Costa, brings a unique blend of business acumen, performance artistry, and educational leadership to his role. Since joining the agency in 2001, he has played a pivotal role in nurturing and expanding the da Costa talent roster. His remarkable career spans several decades and continents, encompassing roles as a performer in dance, films, commercials, theatre, and as a distinguished member of the National Tap Dance Company of Canada. Additionally, Stephen’s extensive experience in choreography, stage management, and road management has contributed to his expansive network of industry connections. 

As a Talent Agent, Stephen knows that no two performers are the same, and each artist has their own unique path to carve in the industry. He is a strong advocate and ally along that path. Stephen values communication and connection with the agency clients and has a drive to help artists to realize their dreams.

Stephen’s lifelong passion for the Arts continues as he teaches at Sheridan College for the Music Theatre Performance Program and also as an enthusiastic audience member – watching clients, former students, friends and colleagues succeed in the entertainment industry on stage and on camera.

“In this business, you need to ride both the highs and the lows…and not get too caught up in either.”

Stephen Greig