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Alex Milner

Non Union

Alex trained at the prominent UK television and film acting school, The Television Workshop, for five years, working in a small class alongside a handful of eventual BAFTA winners. Whilst Alex’s passion and experience comprises commercial, television and film acting, he also has presenting experience on both the BBC and the radio.

Before moving from the UK to Toronto to embark upon a full-time career in acting, Alex was a fashion, art and tech lifestyle writer for Hypebeast, and then a lawyer (senior commercial litigator) at a global top-ten law firm. He is also a passionate practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (brown belt), photography and is a multi-instrumentalist, with professional teaching; recording; and live performance experience across genres (specializing in the drums and guitar, as well as the piano, bass and ukulele).

Alex is now dedicated to bringing unique perspectives to both real life icons (having played Kurt Cobain, James Dean, Jerry Lee Lewis and Trey Parker) and a broad range of fictional characters; making use of his ability to adopt an unusually wide variety of accents.