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Alexandra Herzog


Alexandra is a sought-after Canadian choreographer and movement creator in both film/tv and theatre. Her focus is creating movement that elevates the story on the screen or stage. Creating a language of movement for actors or dancers that is world-specific to each project is Alexandra’s passion!

Apple TV Plus’ SEE (starring Jason Momoa) was Alexandra’s most recent creative accomplishment. Over two seasons as movement choreographer on SEE, she collaborated closely with Joe Strechay, producer and entertainment accessibility and inclusion expert. Together, they built a world based on blindness movement in SEE’s post-apocalyptic world. The blindness movement in SEE became a creative language of its own, thanks to Joe’s lived expertise in blindness movement, and Alexandra’s (and other movement collaborators’) ability to infuse style and definition through creativity and storytelling. Alexandra and the team trained every actor, stunt person, and background performer who worked on this show, ensuring movement was portrayed with accuracy, dignity, and respect to the blindness community. They also were present on set every single day throughout seasons two and three, supporting actors and assisting them with movement in real-time.

Acting as movement choreographer for consecutive seasons on a massive production such as SEE has provided Alexandra with a deep and extensive knowledge of working in the film/tv industry! From creating movement from the ground up, coaching actors, to communicating with every department; Alexandra is knowledgeable and an asset to any project.

Alexandra believes in creating an empowering environment that allows performers to follow their impulses! She knows that the best material comes when an actor follows their instincts. She believes in providing the necessary tools, creating a welcoming and safe environment, and then letting the magic happen! In a rehearsal setting, she is focused and clear, but also lighthearted and loves to laugh. She takes setting the tone seriously and aims to keep it positive, forgiving, and constantly in a state of furthering creative ideas.

Alexandra’s first love is musical theatre! With a Musical Theatre degree from Sheridan College, and five seasons performing in rep at the Stratford Festival (Liesl in The Sound of Music, Kristine in A Chorus Line, Patsy in Crazy for You), Alexandra understands the power of dance in storytelling! Alexandra has choreographed and assisted many choreographers and directors across Canada (Stratford Festival PAL Benefit, Sheridan College, Thousand Islands Playhouse, and more). Recently, Alexandra was honoured to choreograph Cinderella at Rainbow Stage (Winnipeg) in which Rodgers and Hammerstein’s score asked for a dream ballet. Creating a dream ballet where the plot was furthered solely through dance was an absolute career highlight.

Outside of choreography and movement creation, Alexandra is also an acting coach, mindset coach, adjudicator, and masterclass teacher! She leads with empowerment, positivity, and humour! Her students have found major success in all aspects of their careers and lives.