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Alexis Koetting


Alexis has been performing professionally for almost 30 years and is unbelievably grateful to have been able to make a living as an actor for so long. She spent two seasons as a company member of the Stratford Festival, four seasons with Perchance Theatre at Cupids, and has been privileged to work at so many of the amazing theatres this country boasts. Making the jump from theatre to film and TV, Alexis counts some of her favourite on screen appearances as those on Hudson and Rex, Astrid and Lilly Save the World, Black Conflux, Dangerous Connection, and A Dog Lover’s Guide to Dating.

Alexis is also the author of the Bella James Mystery series which stands at three novels and counting. She has been shortlisted for Arthur Ellis and Bony Blithe Awards and has been acclaimed by Indies Today and Writers’ Digest.

Originally from Hamilton, ON, Alexis went out to Newfoundland for a job and stayed for the weather. She lives with a Bernedoodle named Sebastian, loves scary movies and dirty gin martinis, and has a terrible weakness for potato chips.