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Ali Maawy

Non Union

Ali Maawy is a 24-year-old comedian hailing from the vibrant comedy scene of Toronto, Canada. With five years of stand-up comedy under his belt, Ali has tickled funny bones all across the Great White North. He’s become a beloved fixture in Toronto’s premier comedy clubs, where his unique blend of wit and humor has left audiences in stitches.

Ali’s journey into the world of acting began in high school when he embarked on a path of creative expression through improv classes. His passion for the craft only grew stronger when he had the privilege of training under the guidance of esteemed acting coach Dan Libman in Calgary.

Aside from his comedic prowess, Ali is a man of many talents. He’s a gifted pianist and a formidable basketball player, showcasing a diverse skill set beyond the stage. Ali’s career took an exciting turn when he headlined the Variety Comedy Tour, gracing universities all over Ontario with his comedic genius and giving the spotlight to Toronto’s emerging talent.

Now, with a wealth of stand-up and live performance experience, Ali Maawy is poised to conquer the world of acting, bringing his unique brand of humour and charisma to the big screen. His infectious energy and sharp wit promise to make a lasting impact in the acting realm.