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Alice Lapyko


Alice Lapyko is a Toronto based actress who has been acting since the age of 3. She knew she loved acting as soon as she realized she could make people laugh. Whether she was re-enacting scenes, or asking her mom to name animals for her to imitate, she felt that this would keep her happy. Since her mother grew up doing theatre in Russia, she was able to learn from someone with years of professional experience. Alice started off doing plays and reciting poems at 3 and continued doing so yearly, joining musical theatre in high school.

After high school, she started finally pursuing her passion of camera acting. Alice stayed in her hometown of Ottawa for a few years, doing short films and music videos, but decided it was time to move to Toronto and start studying at Toronto Film School in 2021. This was the first time Alice was immersed into the vast intricacies of the art of acting. She learnt from industry working actors about everything from the body and movement, to breath and voice, from clown and improv, to drama on camera. She felt privileged to also have the honour of playing both Stella and Blanche in different scenes of A Streetcar Named Desire during her fourth term. In her last term, Alice’s short film was one of the few to get greenlit for filming. She wrote, produced, directed and starred in her Horror Movie Night short film, which went on to be nominated for Best Actress and Best Producer at the TFS Film Festival.

After graduating on the President’s List, Alice went on to further her studies at Armstrong Acting Studios, completing Core Acting I and Core Acting II. Before joining the union, Alice did several short films, music videos, as well as improv Youtube videos portraying different characters. Alice is now an ACTRA Apprentice and has been working hard on her improv at Second City, as well as auditioning for everything she can. Her favourite part about acting is the versatility of being able to play as so many different people, creatures and more!

She is always eager to learn new things, including stunts of all kinds, as she has no fears! Alice loves singing, dancing, and anything sporty, including snowboarding and skating. She is trilingual (English, French, Russian and some Spanish) and can do a range of accents.

Overall, Alice’s main goal in life is to experience it to the fullest, including living many different lives and having many different occupations while only having one career — acting.