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Alino Giraldi


Alino is a graduate of Humber College’s A.F.T.V acting program and is recognized for his performance in the critically acclaimed indie feature JackieBoy, which had its world premier at New Orleans Film Festival and won a Copper Wing award at the Phoenix Film Festival for “Best Director” world cinema.

Pat Mullen Cinemablographer (Jackie Boy has overtones of Shame and echoes of Taxi Driver). Bruce Demara Toronto Star (Giraldi deserves top marks for pulling it off). Ulkar Alakbarova Canadian Film Fest (credit must go to Alino Giraldi, who manages to capture the two sides of Jack – from loathing to a kind one).

Alino’s follow up to the gritty Jackieboy was roles in “The Discarded” world premier at Montreal’s World Film Festival & The biopic “My father and the man in Black”, where he portrayed Saul Holiff, manager of the Late Johnny Cash. Upcoming projects have Alino joining Nick Butler’s ensemble cast in the director’s debut feature Comedy Drama, “Legacy of Cloudy Falls”. Adding to the list of upcoming endeavors, Alino took on double duty as Actor Producer in Piotr Skowroński’s “Bang Bang”, A Neo-Noir experimental film inspired by Wong Kar Wai. Bang Bang has pick-up multiple awards along its festival run.

Much of Alino’s artistic inspiration is credited to cinematic auteurs such as Andrei Tarkovsky, Alejandro Iñárritu and actors from Marlon Brando to Daniel Day Lewis and the late River Phoenix. Alino is of Italian descent and having been raised abroad in southern Italy, he is fluent in Italian. Having attained such experiences allowed him to develop other creative passions specific to visual storytelling.

By extension, photography acts as a tool in forming a new vision and is his medium of communication done through a witnessed experience. Via images, Alino explores and documents people, environment and wildlife. His work has been published and participated in group showings such as The Robert Mclaughlin Gallery and Contact Photography Festival, his source of inspiration is renowned Photojournalist Sebatião Salgado.