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Alozie LaRose

Non Union

Alozie LaRose is as unique as his name. Born to a Scottish, Irish, Swedish and Polish mother, and named after his father, who is of Nigerian and Indigenous decent, Alozie represents diversity.

Alozie’s commitment to athleticism and acting enabled him to develop a strong work ethic at a young age. While growing up, he dedicated a lot of
time to playing high level sports, including ice hockey and football. He also made time to fulfill his love for performing by auditioning and landing roles in various school plays and performances. In 2018 Alozie began a professional acting career and began building his resume, landing a role in The Babysitters Club (Netflix), and ad campaigns for Nintendo and Frosted Flakes. As an athlete and performer, Alozie developed a diverse skillset, and his presence and charisma make him a natural born leader.

Alozie takes direction well and thrives under pressure. He isn’t afraid to get silly and always takes his shot when opportunity arises.