Who We Are

da Costa Talent represents a legacy of excellence, where focused support and strategic growth converge to amplify reach.

Our support pillar stands as the foundation of our enduring commitment to every talent we represent, embracing and celebrating the rich diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We believe in creating a nurturing environment where artists feel genuinely backed by a team that listens, advocates, and provides personalized guidance at every turn. This is where unwavering encouragement meets professional advice, ensuring that our talent are equipped to navigate the challenges of their careers with confidence and the full weight of our resources behind them.

Growth is at the heart of our progressive approach to talent management. We foster development by encouraging our talent to stretch beyond their comfort zones, embrace new opportunities, and cultivate their skills. Our proactive strategy focuses on continuous learning, adaptive career planning, and strategic goal-setting, empowering our artists to not just succeed but to surpass their aspirations in an ever-evolving industry.

The reach pillar embodies our expansive vision for every individual we represent. We leverage our extensive regional, national and international network and to open doors and create opportunities that resonate on a global scale. We have a long-standing affiliation with TAMAC, UBCP/ACTRA, CAEA, SAG/AFTRA and strong working relationships with the most trusted casting directors and leading management, publicists and entertainment attorneys in North America.



Launch of the Intimacy Coordinator Division


Toronto flagship office celebrates its 25th anniversary

Agent Morgan Tanner joins the team


Launch of the Vancouver Voice Division

Agency Assistant Mohina Abdualimova joins the team


Vancouver office moves to the Armoury District on and celebrates its 10th anniversary


Agent Shannon Teat joins the team


da Costa Talent Vancouver office launch


Agent Melissa Panton joins the Toronto team and launches Youth Division


da Costa Talent Toronto flagship office opens as a full service agency