Shannon Teat

Principal Agent

Shannon Teat (she/her) has been a Principal Agent with da Costa Talent in Vancouver since 2015.  As the department head for the Theatre, Dance, and Motion Capture departments, she not only oversees the departments she is most passionate about, but gets to work every day with and for people who she is passionate about. Her discerning eye for talent (or “sparkle” as she often refers to it) anchors her role as an agent, and was developed through years as a performer on stage and on screen. 

After years of working on camera and in live performances spanning contracts on cruise ships, touring nationally with conventions, and building her vocabulary of the entertainment “business”, she found herself in creative positions of increasing responsibility, from dance captain, to casting, to resident directing, and she naturally moved into these leadership roles with ease.

Throughout her time as an agent, she has proudly secured opportunities for clients in theatres across Canada from the Arts Club Theatre in Vancouver, to the Stratford Festival in Ontario, and everywhere in between. Nuturing her relationships with casting teams has secured countless opportunities in theme parks, live theatre, and highly coveted cruise ships worldwide. In film and television productions requiring the ever growing musical and dance content, Shannon’s triple threat clients shine. Her clients also regularly appear in high profile motion capture projects for video games and animation. 

With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, and led by her personal guiding principles of integrity, hard work, and responsibility, Shannon always strives to make her clients feel heard, and practices a strong blend of collaborative teamwork and personalized guidance. 

“Embrace the journey. Find joy in creativity, form connections, and value each project’s unique experiences.”

Shannon Teat