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Amanda Pye

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Amanda Pye is a movement artist, actor, and writer. She has collaborated with a wide range of creators including Mikaela Demers, I/O Movement, Candice Irwin, Sasha French, Aeris Korper, Krista Newey, Kate Hilliard, Apollonia Velasquez, Jaz Fairy J, Alias Dance Project, Frog in Hand and Shotgun Juliet Theater Company. Most recently, Amanda participated in adelheid dance projects work “on air” created by Heidi Strauss; which earned a Dora Award nomination for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble. Inside Amanda’s own creative practice, she prioritizes breaking down learn systems by approaching body and being as brand new – this is supported through work in the Feldenkrais method, meditation, acting and character development, and a creative writing practice.

Her interests have been supported through residencies such as the Open Space Program at the National Ballet of Canada, the Performing Arts Creation Residency at the Banff Centre, and the CLEaR Forum Choreographic Lob supported by Mocean Dance. Amanda is currently working consistently as an actor on film and her working be seen in various commercials, short films, and several television series. She continues to build connections to her movement practice as she explores the role of movement director for various film projects.

In the spaces in between, Amanda uses writing as a source for her performance and film work and enjoys creating poems, dialogue, and building characters. Her writing has been published in both online and physical publications. Amanda’s poem “lemons” was featured in the 2022 summer issue of The Dance Current.