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Andrea Loewen

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Andrea Loewen is an actor and model whose career path is more like an adventure story. Having grown up just south of the Arctic Circle, Andrea’s comfort and abilities with all things outdoors, renovation, and athletics gave her a foundation of confidence and toolkit of skills to go after her dreams.

Initially a high school teacher by trade, Andrea then followed her love of learning into a Master’s degree of Counseling Psychotherapy and enriching therapeutic private practice.

After meeting her physician husband, they forged an entrepreneurial path to start a multi-disciplinary medical clinic, running that until it got off the ground. She then used her bumpy road as a new mom to dig deeply into the “momiverse” of writing and video content, becoming one of North America’s most read and listened to parenting experts. She was on all of the major national morning TV/ radio programs talking about all things parenting.

As her children grew, feeling that public school wasn’t what they needed, she put her experience and training into opening a small private school, which years later is now run by a fantastic crew of education leaders.

These rich experiences have fueled Andrea’s depth of emotion and ability to connect with an audience, whether that has been through a camera or in person. She has been in front of both of those most of her life.

Andrea looks forward to helping you tell your story or connecting with your audience in a meaningful and amazing way.