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Andrea Lynx

Non Union

Andrea is an actress and voiceover artist with a substantial background in dance and singing. Her education and training continues to expand as she aims to be well rounded within the realm of performance. She is currently under the tutelage of one Canada’s greatest actors, Shawn Lawrence.

Gifted with cognitive and affective empathy, heightened intuition, and a highly analytical mind, Andrea is a natural born actress/performer. With a lifelong passion for learning, she understands that taking information and direction while being malleable go hand in hand. She pays careful attention to the subtleties and nuances of human behaviour, which she applies to the craft. She internalizes and embodies the character while creating the chemistry that is called for within the diegesis. A recognized old soul, she effortlessly sees herself in everyone­—in any atmosphere—beyond physical exteriors, beyond words. Connection is key. Like a perfume, her overall presence is strong and lasting…

As she elevates her career, her mission is to see the world through the lens, eye to eye, heart to heart.