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Angela Son


Angela Son is an emerging Korean-Canadian artist currently residing in Toronto, Ontario. Her passion for performing was ignited in her recent lead role as Sun Hee in the K-Pop inspired series Gangnam Project, airing on CBC Gem. Through this role, Angela showcases her versatility in dancing, singing, and acting. 

Angela’s artistic journey began at the age of 11 when she started musical theatre. Since then, she has continuously explored and honed her vocal and acting skills, training rigorously for seven years. After high school, she immersed herself in the dance community during her post-secondary years, joining her university’s hip hop dance team, UHHU. Angela’s passion as a dancer and creative blossomed when she began directing UHHU, leading her team to first place at Reach Dance Competition in March 2024. Beyond her university team, she has trained with several renowned teams such as Kode Red, Doomsday, and ADDO Company, further refining her skills as a dancer and creative. She has also pursued individual training in hip hop and house dance styles. 

Angela is dedicated to continuously advancing her dancing and acting skill. She regularly performs in diverse dance shows, including the Eternal Flame Show choreographed by Jac Valiquette, New Day by Paul Mula, and Fever After Dark. She also takes acting classes to practice and to expand her knowledge.  

Angela is passionate about creating and working in artistic spaces that allows artists to push their artistic limits while enjoying the creative process. She values community over competition, believing that collaboration and mutual support emphasizes artistic growth. Constantly eager to learn, Angela looks forward to further establishing her career as a dancer, choreographer, and actress.