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Anisa Tejpar


Anisa Tejpar (she/her) is a dancer, choreographer, and creative contributor with 20 years of experience in performance. From stage, to film and television, video games and commercials, Anisa has created and supported all scales of media as an Intimacy Professional. 

Anisa has a certificate from Principal Intimacy Professionals in Vancouver. Her depth of knowledge stems far beyond her intellectual training, but into the physical world of choreography, allowing her to support artists and a director’s vision. Movement is her language, and through collaboration and consent, she supports the creation of intimate portrayals of characters that bring life to the narratives created in the studio and on set. 

Anisa currently teaches Consent + Boundaries for Dancers at Toronto Metropolitan University, and offers workshops to artists, collectives, industry professionals and organizations. As a graduate of Canada’s National Ballet School, her training has directly translated to how she assists the creation of dance works and feeds her vision in the field of intimacy. She has collaborated with prestigious institutions such as The National Ballet of Canada, Ballet BC, Côté Danse, and various film and television productions. Furthermore, Anisa serves on the Board of Directors for Canada’s National Ballet School and is a member of the Performance Program Advisory Committee for St. Lawrence College. She has also made significant contributions to Dancing with Parkinson’s, where she has served as a choreographer and director for their Intergenerational Dance Project, which aims to connect youth and seniors through dance. Anisa is also the host of Inside the Arts on Sauga 960AM.