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Anjul Geer

Non Union

Anjul Geer is a dancer, actor and singer from Wahnapitae, Ontario. He started his career in theatre when he was nine-years-old when he was cast as the small boy/small Billy in YES Theatre’s regional production of Billy Elliot. During the play he proudly danced in a specially added dream sequence as the younger version of Billy who was being presented at three different stages of his dance life. Anjul has also played Kurt Von Trapp in YES Theatre’s orchestra production of Sound of Music, Joe Pesci in YES theatre’s regional production of Jersey Boys, and the henchman and part of the adult ensemble in their production of Matilda.

Anjul has been a successful competitive dancer since the age of seven and is highly proficient in all forms of dance including: ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, tumbling and acrobatics, lyrical, contemporary, and song and dance. He makes a point of attending various workshops to broaden his learning and expose himself to new types of choreography. He has taught movement classes for youth camps put on by the Sudbury Theatre Centre.

Anjul holds a first degree black belt in taekwondo and is able to execute various strikes, blocks, breaks, self-defence manouevers with ease. Anjul loves live performance but is also eager to expand his experience into film and television.