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Anmol Kareer


Anmol Kareer Grew up loving movies and over the years has built a passion for acting. With his dream of becoming an actor, he approaches every opportunity with the hopes of learning and growing his skills as a performer. He studied Psychology at York University to get a better understanding of human behaviour and how people’s emotions are impacted by internal and external sources. He also trained at the Toronto Academy of Acting and The Second city as well as taking various On Camera and Scene Study Courses.

Anmol also engages in public speaking events at schools and summer camps and promotes healthy living and leading life with a positive attitude. In addition to his training and public speaking, Anmol has also been part of multiple Film and Television roles such as, “AKP Job 27”, “We run the Streets”, and “Forbidden- The Safia Story”. He can also be seen in commercials for Rogers and Hyundai along with his print work in Rogers, Budweiser and Polar ice Vodka.

Anmol has a flamboyant personality and is relentless in his pursuit on becoming better everyday. He leads his life to inspire others to live their life to the fullest and climb their own ladder of success.