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Antonio Pastore


Antonio has always believed in achieving anything he sets his mind too. If you tell him he can’t do it, or shouldn’t try something, he does it anyway, either to prove you wrong or to prove to himself “Anything is Possible, if you try”.

Antonio is an entertainer at heart and has been dancing, singing & entertaining since he could walk, talk and move to the music. There is not a day where he doesn’t wake up and dance, sing or “act” at some point throughout the day. He taught himself how to dance urban, street style hip hop & breakdance, starting at age 4 by constantly watching videos and practicing over & over until he had the moves.

He has a rhythm for music of any kind has an air of grace about him whether he is singing, dancing or playing the drums. He started live theater at age 8 and enjoys performing in front of a crowd. His comedic side comes out often and he shines in the spotlight.

Always willing to try something new he has taken lessons in Tae Kwon do, Brazilian Capoeira, Swimming for 7 years, Soccer, Drum Lessons, Hip Hop Dance, Parkour, Skateboarding since age 5 & Acting.

He is a dedicated, hard working young boy and enjoys acting, onstage, film or buildings sets at home! He has a good heart and is happy to teach others how to dance or brighten their day with a smile or a joke.