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Avery Paronuzzi

Non Union

Avery is a half Chinese-Canadian born teen who strives for excellence in all her endeavours and nothing less than 100% effort will do. She has been commended by teachers, choreographers and industry professionals for her mature attitude and intelligent application of direction and feedback.

Avery’s many successes throughout her many years of competitive dance are also a testament to her determination and work ethic. She has won numerous scholarships, special judges’ recognition and several overall awards at the regional and national level. She continues to train and compete in Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Ballet. She has had the privilege of working with talented choreographers including Mitchell Jackson, Melissa JJ Moore, Calley Skalnik, Jordan Clark, Jeff Dimitriou, O’Shani Cardwell, Melissa Mitro, Hollywood Jade, Shawn Byfield, Lisa Stevens just to name a few.

When Avery isn’t at school or at the dance studio, she is always looking for opportunities to release her creative energy. From oil painting, to jewelry making, to digital music composing and photography, she has boundless creativity and imagination.

Avery is a conscientious student who loves math, science and has also excelled in public speaking. She is also fluent in Cantonese and loves spending time with her grandparents who in large part help her to keep practicing. She also enjoys biking, swimming, a variety of sports, playing video games with friends, and watching movies.