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Bailey Pelkman

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Bailey Pelkman is a professional voice over artist, actor, musician, and content creator.

Bailey brings together a background of music, performing, and production into her career as a multi-faceted digital content creator. After starting a YouTube channel for her creative cover songs and rapidly gaining a sizeable audience online, Bailey received reviews and endorsements from celebrities like Brian May from Queen and Michael Bublé, and world renowned blogs such as The Huffington Post, MTV, AmericaBlog and more. Aside from her internet success, Bailey has also released her own original music and had the chance to open for artists such as Vanessa Carlton and Shawn Hook.

After graduating from Fanshawe College’s Music Industry Arts program, Bailey landed a role in the Next Step spinoff show, Lost & Found Music Studios. Looking to expand her creative endeavours and further pursue her passion for acting, Bailey ventured into the world of voice acting and within a year, was recording voiceover as her full-time job. Her knowledge and expertise of audio engineering, as well as her background in acting and performance, allowed her to excel in the industry, gaining clients like Google, AT&T, Dell, BelVita, Sprouts Farmers Market, and more.

Bailey continuously exceeds brands’ expectations with her conversational, warm, and authentic voice style and quick, high-quality turnarounds from a fully-featured recording studio. Offering virtually any genre of voiceover including commercial, business, IVR, animation, and even jingle singer/writer, Bailey is sure to please with her flexibility, versatility and charisma – in both her voice and her personality.