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Benjamin Williams


From Toronto’s vibrant arts scene, Benjamin Williamsnavigates the domains of acting and dance with both passion and gratitude. He currently immerses himself in the role of “Pete” in the Canadian teen drama series “The Next Step”. Along this journey, Benjamin has been honored to collaborate with esteemed platforms such as Disney, Netflix, and CBBC, and feels privileged to have had engagements with recognizable entities like FIFA, NBA, YTV, and the BRIT awards.

With a mindset rooted in “No medium gone unturned”, Benjamin is always eager to learn and integrate his experiences. Drawing from his love for dance, he’s ventured into choreography, appreciating every chance to conduct workshops and contribute to music video choreographies.

With a vision to intertwine his diverse experiences, Benjamin is gently steering towards the realms of directing and filmmaking. His explorations in dance, especially showcased in his films “Home” and “Fall”, are both a testament to his dedication and a reflection of his continuous journey in creative arts.

Onward and upward, Benjamin Williams remains committed to delivering genuine and resonant works, always valuing the process as much as the outcome.