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Benoit Elias-Roberge

Non Union

Benoit is a bilingual actor from Nova-Scotia who moved to Ontario at a young age and found his way into theatre performance early on. Whether it was through school productions or local theatre, Benoit always strived to improve his skills in any way he could. With a background in Martial Arts, music, writing and editing, Benoit loves tackling acting from every angle. He makes a point to bring his direct and unique skill to the table when shaping a new character.

Having worked with experienced Canadian voice, screen and theatre actors, Benoit has been able to surround himself with industry veterans, Benoit looks forward to using the skills he has learned to push the boundaries of what he can accomplish as an actor. Whether on a stage, in a booth, or in front of a camera, Benoit looks forward to every chance he will get to entertain through his performance.