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Brielle Paronuzzi

Non Union

Brielle is a sassy and spirited Asian-Canadian kid who has a fun-loving determination to live life to its fullest. She is a childhood cancer survivor and often called an old soul. But even this challenging journey couldn’t hold Brielle back, instead it drew out the best in her fighting spirit, resilience and positivity.

Brielle has a big personality and an infectious laugh. Ever since she was a baby, she has always had the best facial expressions. She loves to watch baking and cooking shows. But from the moment she could walk, Brielle has always loved dancing and singing along to her favourite movies and shows.

Her passion and love for dance only grew while watching her older sister perform. She couldn’t wait for the day she would put on her first pair of dance shoes. She started dance when she was 2 and after her very first recital, she loved being on stage. She has been training competitively in Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Tap and Hip Hop. She was awarded the Competitive Excellence Award by her studio directors and teachers.

Brielle is a social butterfly who loves spending time with Friends and Family. She also enjoys going on bike rides with her sister, swimming, colouring, playing video games and painting her nails.