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Bronwynn May


Bronwynn (she/her) is 13 going on 30! A focused, thoughtful soul from the time she was born, Bronwynn pours her heart into everything she does down to the smallest detail. Extremely observant and creative, Bronwynn’s versatility as an actor has earned her numerous roles in T.V., Film, Commercials and even a music video in which the role of her “Mom” was played by her actual Mom!

Bronwynn is an accomplished dancer with a background in jazz, ballet, acro, hip hop, tap and contemporary. Recently Bronwynn traded in her pointe shoes for Ghilles. An extremely quick study, within 3 months Bronwynn competed at her first ever Highland competition where she earned first place in her very first dance!

Bronwynn is a straight A French Immersion student. In her spare time Bronwynn loves to draw, crochet and bake. You can keep up with her latest adventures on Instagram @bronwynn.may