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Brooklyn Law

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Brooklyn Law is a dynamic and versatile talent with a rich background in all styles of dance, acting, and performance. Brooklyn has been passionately dedicated to continuous learning and education since the first day she walked into a studio at the age of 2, and has flourished in her experiences from all over North America. Born in Halifax, NS Brooklyn started her training at a local studio and expanded to traveling to Toronto spending summers at Canada’s National Ballet School and Joffrey’s Jazz/Contemporary program in NYC, eventually leading her to reside at The Alberta Ballet School and training with YYC Dance Project.

Brooklyn moved to Florida and trained and traveled throughout the US assisting world renowned choreographers. During this time Brooklyn was awarded a significant scholarship at age 14 to the Institute of American Musical Theatre (IAMT) – a post secondary training Institute in New York City- where she resided for 2 years gaining invaluable training and development in acting, voice, and dance. Her diverse training and the notable faculty she has worked with has helped her develop into the well rounded talent she is today. As a competitive dancer Brooklyn has received numerous accolades and awards and recently placed top 10 Teen Best Dancer at The Dance Awards in Orlando.

Brooklyns Film and Television credits include “The Curse of Oak Island,” on History, “Backstage: Studio Pass” YouTube Series, “Mr. D” television series, Invisalign “Breaking the Band” commercial, “Soft n Slo Squishies” YouTube host, “DanceZone” commercial, and “Center Stage” Broadway Dance Center video. In addition, notable performance/theater work includes “The Nutcracker” Symphony NS, “Spectrum” Joffrey NYC, “IAMT” 100 Acre Woods Theatre, “Disney’s Christmas Parade” ABC Network and was a live demonstrator for “Acrobatic Arts,” Mandy Yip. Brooklyn has done several print and model campaigns and is a rep for Tiger Friday Dancewear having created several of her own designs.

Now residing in Toronto, Brooklyn continues to develop as an artist training at Elite Danceworx and plans to continue to expand in acting and voice with the goal to earn the title Triple Threat. Brooklyn is excited to invest daily effort into honing her skills. Fueled by excitement and drive, Brooklyn eagerly anticipates embracing the opportunities that lie ahead in her career.