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Chanin Lee


Chanin Lee, originally hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba is thriving as a young Indigenous actress in Toronto. Chanin’s journey into the world of acting commenced during her high school years, and she has wholeheartedly pursued her passion ever since. She honed her craft at Seneca College’s Acting for Camera and Voice program, where her talents blossomed.

Post-graduation, Chanin closely collaborated with director Jonathan Elliott, contributing to acclaimed short films such as “Her Water Drum” (2018), which earned a nomination for Best Short Narrative at the LA Skins Fest, and “Where the Oak Splits” (2019), a significant piece crafted for Art With Impact’s OLIVE Collection.

A commitment to preserving her Indigenous culture is paramount to Chanin, and she seeks to amplify Indigenous voices by weaving their narratives into mainstream storytelling.

Beyond her acting pursuits, Chanin is an avid adventurer, with a boundless curiosity that fuels her exploration of life’s diverse experiences.