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Charlotte Hobart

Non Union

Charlotte is a naturally gifted performer with a passion for singing and acting. While the passion started at a very young age, her confidence really started to shine more after she was given the opportunity to perform a solo vocal performance at the ‘Light Heavy Light’ charity performance put on by JJ Dance arts in December 2023.

Charlotte is a petite girl with a big voice and an even bigger personality. She’s been singing since she could talk and has found a love for musicals which has brought out her love of acting and just performing in general for anyone who will watch.

Charlotte is currently enrolled in the Junior Showstoppers program with CBY Academy of Performing Arts and attends vocal lessons weekly. Her teachers are blown away by her talent and are confident she is going to do big things. CBY’s big performance in June this year is Finding Nemo: the Musical and she has been given the role of “Pearl”.

Charlotte has been singing and performing (even just for her dolls) since she was 18 months old. Her ability to remember lyrics and memorize things after just a few times has always stood out. You can often find her outside gathering the neighbourhood kids so she can put on a show for them. Anything related to music or acting excites her and leaves her wanting more.

Charlotte is excited to take the next steps in showcasing her talents and continue to fuel her fire in an industry that will allow her to
grow alongside what she loves doing most.