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Charlotte Yang

Non Union

Charlotte Yang, the big sister in her family, responsible, tough and energetic. Her dream of becoming a comedian drives her, and she takes her acting and performance with utmost seriousness. Charlotte’s on-screen personality is versatile, ranging from funny and quirky to darkly humorous and sarcastic.
She embarked on her acting journey at the tender age of 5, engaging in award-winning short films, feature films, and commercials. Charlotte’s unique voice has not only graced commercials but also radio dramas. During the quarantine years, she discovered a new passion – her guitar, which quickly became her life partner. Her skill with the guitar was recognized in 2023 when she was awarded the title of Provincial Top Guitarist. This achievement led her to incorporate her guitar into various on- camera productions.

Charlotte believes that music is a vital medium for expressing emotions. Her exploration of music and art has helped her remain authentic and connect deeply with others. Adding to her artistic repertoire, her cover band, Mad Carrot, has made a significant impact on YouTube, garnering over 100,000 views. Charlotte is committed to her craft and continues to grow as an artist, exploring the various dimensions of her talents.