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Cheryl De Luca


Cheryl is a multifaceted individual who revels in the wonders of life and art. Her roles as an actor, writer, and mother to both humans and cherished pooches exemplify her diverse passions.

A blend of diverse ancestries enriches Cheryl’s identity, hailing from Anishinaabe, UK, and Mediterranean roots. Her upbringing instilled a profound love for the splendors of the natural world and an unwavering appreciation for all sentient beings. These invaluable lessons were imparted by her father, who instilled an appreciation for nature, and her mother, who emphasized the profound strength and power of love.

Cheryl remains committed to tracing her heritage, firmly believing that every day presents an opportunity for learning and embracing the joy of existence.

For Cheryl, acting serves as a gateway to liberate the concealed facets of human nature that society often compels us to hide. It provides a cathartic release for individuals, a profound experience she deeply treasures.

Cheryl’s artistic journey has traversed diverse mediums, from her formative years in theatre as a student to her current exploration of film and television as an adult. Her dedication to this craft manifests in her perpetual quest for improvement, renewal, and self-discovery.

She wholeheartedly appreciates the opportunity to engage in this creative endeavour, extending her gratitude with the word “Miigwetch,” signifying “Thank You.”