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Chloe Etienne

Non Union

Chloe Etienne is an energetic, passionate, outgoing and creative Canadian-born 15-year-old girl of  Caribbean and French descent. She has been a devoted competitive dancer since the age of seven and has been dancing since she was three. Chloe currently trains in multiple genres of dance including Jazz, Acro, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Ballet, Point and Tap at Art & Soul Dance Company.

Through the years, Chloe has won multiple titles, awards and scholarships for dance such as Nuvo breakout artist winner, Jump VIP, 24/7 Non-Stop Dancer, Best Dancer Contender at the Dancer Awards National Competition, Miss Candance runner-up, A-list Acrobat, ballet and acro scholarships. She has learned from many internationally renowned teachers and choreographers, including, Stacy Tookey, Travis and Denise Wall, Al Blackstone, Mandy Moore, Mark Meismer, Tyce Diorio, Misha Gabriel, Xavier Tu, Stephanie Rutherford, Danny Lawn, Tiffany McLachlan, Jenna Johnson, Val Chmerkovski, Randi Kemper, Hefa Tuita, Allison Holker and tWitch.

Chloe has worked as a model for clothing, dance and acrobatics studios. She has also enjoyed interpretive posing work for multiple companies.

At school, Chloe is a straight-A student and loves to be involved in clubs like the eco club, choir, acapella group, debate and French club. She has represented her school in track and field, writing and debate competitions. She received her bilingual French-speaking certificate and speaks fluent French.

Apart from her everyday activities, Chloe loves to go on runs with her dog, read and spend time with her family and friends.