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Chloe Nava

Non Union

Chloe Nava was born in Toronto and is a screen actor & writer who extensively developed her craft at the school of hard knocks, otherwise known as “life.” As a woman of color with a perpetual giggle in her voice, she loves to channel her emotional suffering into stories that empower and uplift marginalized communities.

After experiencing a rigorously academic childhood, and attempted pursuit of political science at university, she did not pursue acting professionally (school plays and dramatic conversations notwithstanding) until one fateful class at Second City. After falling in love with the craft she then went on to complete their acting program and received other training from accredited Canadian acting professionals like Joy Tanner and Rae Ellen Bodie.

When she isn’t filming, writing or cracking-wise, she is also an accomplished freelance visual artist that specializes in custom acrylic fine art pieces. While Chloe’s been working steadily in the Toronto film scene currently, you can watch her in Visible (2020), an award-winning short about the BIPOC teen experience in Toronto.

Through film, she aims to live many lives but also to live for the drama.