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Chris Yamez

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Chris Yamez is an actor, model, musician and content creator of African (Congolese) descent, based out of Vancouver, Canada. Chris began acting at a young age, participating in school plays and short film projects. He quickly realized that he loved the process of becoming a completely different person through the art of theatre and drama. He subsequently began attending open auditions for local and nationwide commercials in his early youth. Unfortunately, due to complications with his health, Chris was forced to slow his acting career to a near holt to focus what little time he had away from the hospital on recovery and keeping up with his schooling. Though this did little to nothing to dissuade him from his passions, and in his late teens to very early adulthood, he began his journey anew by jumping into the world of modelling. Believing this to be a great way to get his face in front of the right people, Chris threw himself headlong into the world of modelling, joining agencies and forming connections with different creatives along the way. Eventually, he began his acting journey proper, and the experience gathered from modelling had proven useful in networking and finding early work in indie projects and silent films. Since that time, Chris has had a handful of notable roles in projects such as The Wayfarer (release date TBD), and FogTown, set to release its pilot episode by mid-2024.

Apart from acting, Chris boasts a myriad of different skill sets and two degrees under his belt in both graphic design from the Alberta University of the Arts, and software development from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. He is also a talented musician with an impressive 14+ commercially released songs in the R&B genre. An unknown fact regarding Chris and his musical history is that he initially began making music not as an R&B artist but as an orchestral composer.

All in all, we look forward to seeing what endeavours Chris sets off to do throughout the duration of his undoubtedly long and successful career. Chris Yamez is and will be… a name to remember.