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Christina Pitts Jazzar


With over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry, Christina Pitts Jazzar (she/her) is a celebrated Performer, Choreographer and Intimacy Professional (IP). She is recognized by SAG-AFTRA’s Intimacy Coordinator Registry list as a qualified IP, and has been at the helm of Canada’s IP community from the beginning. Her training is extensive, having studied with programs from around the world. Leaders like Chelsea Pace (TIE – US), Anne James (ICOC-US), Lizzy Talbit (ISS-UK) Jessica Steinrock (IDC- US) and Malin B Erikson (NIC-SE) to name a few. Christina is proud to be an original graduate of the first ever Canadian focused IP training program through Principal Intimacy Professionals (PIP) And is a consulting board member of The National Society of Intimacy Professionals (NSIP), a group of industry experts dedicated to making IP training and information accessible to all.

When it comes to being an Intimacy Professional, Christina has a fun natural ability to put people at ease in any environment. Having held leadership roles in dance, direction, stage management, wardrobe and production she is a true collaborator who believes in open communication. Christina brings a well versed eye and authentic voice to any project with a track record of efficient, safe and team-oriented operations. With a focus on Consent, she creates an inclusive, welcoming work environment for both cast and crew. Christina believes that an informed space gives room for brave and honest choices both in front and behind the cameras.

Select IC credits include: UMBRELLA ACADEMY S4, FUBAR, ORPHAN BLACK ECHOES S1 & S2, BEACON 23 S1 & S2 and THE PRADEEPS OF PITTSBURGH just to name a few.

Christina is a sex-positive advocate and an LGBTQIA+ ally. She has certifications in Mental Health First Aid, Psychological First Aid and CPR level C. She is also a Co-founding member of Intimacy Coordinators United (ICU), a collective of movement specialists focused on bringing consent based practices to all the Performing Arts.

Working with Christina was an absolute joy. She discussed with everyone their individual boundaries and comfort levels and then facilitated communication between everyone in the most empowering way. I had never worked with an IC before and because of Christina, I will never not work with an IC again. Her input was invaluable and I can’t wait to work with her again.

– Augustus Prew  
Dear David the Movie