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Claire Culley

Non Union

Claire is 11 years old. She is energetic, charismatic, cleaver and perceptive. Claire is always ready to sing a song either by karaoke or a capella. At the age of 7, Claire wrote a song called “Grace and Me” so her friend and her could sing at the school talent show. Claire created a dance and costumes for the show. Claire participates in the school choir and hopes to join more singing organizations as things open up.

Claire also plays the ukulele. In the summer, you can find Claire sitting outside under the tree singing pop-chart songs or writing new songs in her journal. Claire has also taken vocal lessons and hopes to continue.

Claire loves to dance. She has taken dance lessons for six years including jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop and musical theatre. She has performed in front of 300 people at dance recitals. Her favourite dance styles are hip hop and musical theatre as she feels they showcase her true personality.

Claire loves to write plays so she can find ways to act. Recently, she wrote, directed, and acted in a two-part play called “FENLEY”. She made roles for all her friends and they were allowed to perform the final play to the rest of the class.

In her spare time, Claire loves to make TikTok videos, YouTube segments for Minecraft, and play with her puppy.

Looking for an opportunity to act on television or stage, Claire is optimistic that her passion for life will allow her to pursue her dream of acting.