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Cole Healey

Non Union

Cole Healey might best be described as a ‘modern-day Tigger’. When he isn’t acting, Cole can be found flipping, twisting, and bouncing high on trampolines or on a tumbling floor, preferring to view his world upside down, and at high velocity. 

Cole’s projects have included film, episodic work, lifestyle videos, public service announcements, commercials, student thesis films and social media productions. He has been a feature model on many runways and in magazine publications. 

Cole’s highly introspective nature allows him to deliver versatility and range in characters, from the lighthearted and playful, to the powerful and complex. Cole commits to his craft through his weekly scene study, audition coaching and improvisation classes. Acting coaches have called Cole “a quick study, a director’s dream” and a “fearless, extremely introspective and creative actor”. Cole is highly focused and spends as much time as he can attending workshops hosted by top producers, casting directors and actors to further advance his skills. 

Cole enjoys everything about being on set. His favorite part happens when the director says “that’s a wrap” because Cole always brings a surprise for the crew to celebrate, usually some Skittles or some M&Ms, his way of bringing a smile to their faces. A crew member once joked Cole should include a sticker on the back of his Skittles with his headshot and his agent’s contact information. Not a bad idea if you think about it!

Cole lives in Toronto with his parents, an older brother, younger sister and far TOO many pets. He is proud of his Indigenous heritage and his family describes him as a highly quirky, sweet, funny, exceedingly kind kid. Cole is a severe weather enthusiast who will discuss tornadoes, tsunamis, and natural disasters at length. Cole’s favorite movie of all time is the Barbie movie. He is a true fashionista, loves his competitive trampoline, tumbling and all things PINK!