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Connor Wong


Connor Wong (he/him) began his training in the performing arts at a very early age. Starting at the age of 3 in community dance and theatre, and then later excelling and winning awards in competitive dance and completing a pre-professional dance program through his teens, Connor grew to be a solid and dynamic performer. It was during this time Connor decided to pursue a career in film and television.

After signing with his agency, da Costa Talent, Connor quickly went on to begin his professional film career landing roles in Netflix’s acclaimed The Babysitter’s Club, and AppleTV’s Home Before Dark. Connor was excited to discover he had a new passion and is now as much in love with acting as he is with dance.

Post-secondary, Connor went on to join The Source Dance Company for its 2021/2022 season. He also continued to work with sought after acting coach Beatrice King (actor, producer, director) at King Creative Studios as part of the coveted Company Class, while simultaneously coaching privately with Starlise Waschuk- a certified Patsy Rodenburg associate. Connor continues to study and work at deepening the knowledge of his craft and is always looking for ways to further explore his creative talents.

2022 was a busy and exciting year for Connor. Connor filmed a supporting lead role in Beatrice King’s short arthouse film You Are The Blue, an action-packed guest star role in a season 4 episode of Shudder’s Creepshow, while also filming a recurring principal role throughout Freeform’s season 2 of Cruel Summer. Connor loved every minute of it, long days and all, and is never happier than when he is on set and helping bring stories and characters to life.

In addition to his acting pursuits, Connor has not forgotten his love of dance and has also continued to dance in film. Connor can be seen dancing in CW’s Riverdale, Roku’s feature Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas, and Nickelodeon features Monster High: The Movie, and its sequel, due to release at Halloween in 2023.

Born to a father of Chinese descent and a mother of Danish, Norwegian, French and English descent, Connor has a unique look and a strong presence on screen. Intelligent, passionate, empathetic, and quick-witted, Connor shines brightly in both comedic and dramatic roles. Connor has an extremely strong work ethic and enjoys applying all his skills to bring vibrancy, depth, and authenticity to his characters on screen.