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Cristian Kawa

Non Union

For Cristian Kawa (He/Him) acting is not about pretending; its about understanding, empathy, and the relentless pursuit for the truth.  
In his youth, Cristian struggled immensely with public speaking that often brought his insecurities to the forefront. Acting was used as a therapeutic outlet to conquer his fears and to gain confidence within himself.  

Cristian Kawa acting process differs in his ability to Play before Work, and this method of improvisation and relying on his instincts often yield incredible and unique prospectives in his work. Cristian leans on the power and range of his voice to bring these unique prospectives to life while always incorporating feedback from others to further drive the vision of the character and story as a team!  

Cristian’s acting journey started predominantly in theatre where he was cast in various lead roles during several High School Projects, and was quickly recognized by Susan Ferley, Artistic Director at The Grand Theatre as a youth with immense talent and authenticity. He was later discovered by Bernard Hopkins, an acting veteran of over twenty-four seasons at the Stratford Festival, who directed several plays to which he stared in, as well as functioned as a personal mentor and acting coach for Cristian.  
Cristian later decided to venture in another direction and graduated at the Richard Ivey School of Business, at The University of Western Ontario. Throughout his education, he acted and starred in several plays as part of Western Theatre.  

After a long, long break from acting to pursuit a successful career in business, he began to wonder what was missing in his life, and thus returned to acting with a focus on Film & Voice.  
As a None-Union, Self-Represented Actor, in just over a year, it has been an honor and privilege for Cristian to have been selected and star in 13 Short films, four of which were selected to screen at various film festivals such as; The 2023 Toronto Shorts International Film Festival and The 2024 Toronto Met Film Fest. The variety of roles in which Cristian played ranged from Actor, Principal, Support, to Lead highlighting his dedication to the craft in experiencing all roles to further gain valuable prospectives.  
During this time, he was recognized by Meredith McGeachie and Brad Milne and was offered the opportunity to train with them. During his training, both coaches pushed Cristian to finally seek representation which led him to be contacted by Cat MacFarlane at da Costa Talent Management where a new chapter in his life begins.   
Cristian understands the lesson that one should follow first, before they can ever seek to lead. His purpose of life is driven through the relentless pursuit of learning, whether that be jumping into a new hobby, such as weight training, Muy Thai, guitar lessons, or otherwise video game design and programing – his happiness comes from the act of learning, and these are principles he applies to his work. Cristian is eager to continue toward acting excellence and his unwavering focus to simply inspire those around him is what drives him the most.