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Danica Ricamara


Danica Ricamara also known as ‘Dizzy Dinero’ is an all-around creative from songwriting/performing, styling in fashion, to directing and acting.

Winning her first Canadian televised talent show “Born to be a Star” as a 10 year old rapper, she found a passion with performance and music. Since then she had been involved with writing school plays, and into adulthood continuing as an emcee performing locally in Toronto.

Getting involved with the visual aspect of her music, she then explored directing where she achieved an award-winning short documentary “Worst Student Ever”, being featured on Breakfast television Toronto, and CBC shorts. Since then she had opportunities to work on set in both Toronto and Atlanta experiencing production work on Miltons Secret and FoxTv’s XMen Gifted. Known for her creative direction and unique style and aesthetic she was recently casted for a recurring role as herself in the upcoming TV dramadey “Lady Dicks” on CBC and NBC.

Signing with Da Costa Talent in 2020 Danica is back and forth from Toronto and Vancouver ready to make her mark in the television and film industry.