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Daniel Gomez


Nominated for Outstanding Ensemble Performance at the 2018 Dora Awards, Daniel (he/him) is professional street dance artist. At the age of 16, Daniel took deep interest in Hip-Hop Culture and he fell in love with the art of street dance and took on the method of Popping. Daniel also has extensive training in styles of Locking, House, Dancehall and both Hip-hop Freestyle and Choreography.

Daniel is currently a performance artist for Toronto based dance companies – Gadfly Urban Dance Company as well as Citadel + Compagnie and is apart of the dance crew Twisted Ankles. Daniels career has lead him to theatre performances and battle competitions in areas of the world such as; France, UK, Spain, Cuba, Japan, Arizona, Chicago and New York. Daniel has also worked on several commercial projects including a NoFrills Commercial, Netflix series ‘Grand Army’, TV movie ‘Disney Zombies 2’ and TV miniseries ’Salt-N-Pepa’ Biopic. Daniel’s passion for dance and performance are everlasting.