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Daniel Sa

Non Union

Daniel Sa is a Professional Voice Actor. He received extensive personal instruction and training from Sunday Muse and is also the holder of the certificate of completion for the George Brown Voice Acting Curriculum in Ontario, spearheaded by Ron Porter and Steven Hobe. While he has a naturally deep, authoritative style suitable for commercials and narration, he can contrast such delivery with instead a more interpersonal and emotive read for connecting with the listener on a more personal level.

In lieu of necessitating quality in his work, Daniel uses an SSL2 Interface, Mojave MA201 Condenser Microphone, and a completely acoustically treated environment for top quality sound. With over 6 years of experience in the Real Estate field and nearly a decade’s worth of video editing both for himself and others, Daniel has a strong sense of professionalism and a keen ability to meet the unique needs of each of his clients.