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Daniela Castillo

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Daniela Estefania is a bilingual film actress. Born in Venezuela where she only remained for a few years before her family moved to Spain (Madrid), Daniela remembers falling in love with performing from a very young age, immersing herself in the world of television at the ripe age of 9 where she participated in a show hosted by Cartoon Network called Staraoke.

Daniela moved to Canada when she was 15, and having spent more than 10 years all over the country, she currently resides in Vancouver. Daniela’s fascination in the art of performing only grew during these big transitions, and finally in Vancouver she decided to pursue education in hopes of honing in her skills and mastering her technique. Daniela attended the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts where she learned the foundation necessary to step into the world of acting, learning tools that propelled her towards working on feature films like: Off Shore, and Confessions Of a Superhero.

Daniela is incredibly passionate about acting, and she continues to challenge herself by staying curious and gaining knowledge through workshops, classes, and seminars that speak on acting and the art of performance. Daniela loves exploring character development as it is through the creation of these worlds she is able to give new meaning to her experiences. Being someone who experiences emotions with much immensity, she appreciates the ability of storing these safely so they can be used on a new canvas.

Outside of her never ending obsession with all things film and television, Daniela has been described by her acting instructors, and the people around her as “bubbly”, and verbatim: a firecracker. Daniela loves all things self- development, and making it her mission to experiment with a little bit of everything she loves a good work out, a painting class, and a night of karaoke with her best friends.

Being the daughter of an immigrant father who fought diligently to make sure his family rose above, she is a go-getter wishing to make a mark in the industry, dreaming of making her Venezuelan roots proud.