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Daniela Fernandez


Daniela Fernandez (she/her) is a Latin-Canadian actor, singer, dancer and emerging sound designer and producer. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Daniela started performing at 10 years old, singing her way through talent competitions and local fundraisers. She started songwriting at 13 and while in school, she spent the majority of her time being a part of any and all performance-related extracurricular activities. Growing up with a passion for music and singing, she always wanted to expand her skills and grow as a performer. She eventually fell into theatre in high school and decided to enrol in the Theatre Arts diploma program at Grant MacEwan University. Despite initially attending theatre school with zero expectation or pursuit to work as a professional actor, she ended up developing a true passion for theatre and landed her first professional gig immediately post-graduation. Since then she hasn’t stopped working and continues to hone and learn more about the world of theatre with each passing year.

Daniela splits her time between performing and sound designing, diversifying her skills on and off stage. She’s performed for companies such as The Citadel Theatre, Mayfield Theatre, Maggie Tree, Catalyst Theatre and Plain Jane Theatre. In 2023, she made the move to Vancouver to star as Cynthia Weil in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical at The Arts Club. Now getting into the world of film and television, Daniela is no stranger to expanding her skills and trying new mediums.

While Daniela has been predominantly focusing on acting since graduating, she hasn’t forgotten her love and passion for music. During post-secondary, she took several levels of music production courses so that she could begin to produce her own music. In 2018, Daniela decided to meld her love for music and theatre and decided to start a journey towards Sound Design. In
2020, she was one of the inaugural recipients of the RBC Horizon Emerging Artist Mentorship Program for Sound Design at the Citadel Theatre. Within a year, she designed sound for the world premiere of The Fiancée by Holly Lewis at the Citadel Theatre, under the mentorship of Matthew Skopyk. Then in 2023, she was nominated for an Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Award for her design on A Hundred Words For Snow at Northern Light Theatre. She’s designed sound for The Citadel Theatre, Tiny Bear Jaws, Northern Light Theatre and Bright Young Things.

As a Latin-Canadian woman, she is passionate about diversity and inclusion and is actively listening and working towards creating more spaces that are equitable and safe. Between serving on Azimuth Theatre’s board committee, attending anti-racist theatre workshops and working as a project support worker for disabled artists, she’s interested in working with like-minded folks who make it a priority to tell diverse stories that represent all people. She strongly believes that representation matters and hopes that one day her parents can see her play a role where they see themselves represented on the stage and screen.