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Dario Saint-Phard

Non Union

Introducing Dario, a remarkable 6-year-old hailing from the vibrant tapestry of Indigenous Haitian Acadian culture. Dario’s journey through his early years is a mosaic of diverse talents and infectious energy.

On the soccer field, he navigates with the grace of a seasoned player, showcasing not just skill but an innate love for teamwork. Off the field, Dario seamlessly transitions into the world of acting, where his enthusiasm breathes life into every role he undertakes. His rhythmic inclinations find expression in the beats he crafts as a drummer, and his artistic side flourishes through imaginative drawings.

Dario’s playlist is as diverse as his interests, with a penchant for hip-hop that adds a contemporary rhythm to his pursuits. Much like a ninja, he approaches life with agility and curiosity, fearlessly exploring new territories.

Yet, what truly sets Dario apart is not just his impressive array of talents but his delightful demeanor. Overflowing with humor, happiness, and a pleasant disposition, Dario effortlessly blends creativity with respect, making him a joy to collaborate with. His ability to take direction with grace only adds to the charm of this young dynamo, who is poised to make a positive impact in every venture he embarks upon.