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Darshan Geer

Non Union

Darshan Geer is a triple threat performer hailing from a rural community just outside Sudbury, Ontario.

Darshan started dancing at the age of four, and currently dances competitively for Sudbury based Studio Happiness is Dancing where he studies a broad gamut of dance styles including: ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre and acro/tumbling. As a competitive dancer, Darshan has been the recipient of numerous awards and overalls, and has been frequently lauded for his amazing stage presence and excellent technique. He enjoys exploring new ways of movement and frequently attends conventions for the opportunity working with different teachers and choreographers.

In 2017, Darshan branched out into acting and singing and received rave reviews for his performance in the lead role of “Billy” in Yes Theatre’s production of Billy Elliot. He has also played Neleus, in Mary Poppins, and Frederick, in The Sound of Music in YES Theatre’s orchestra productions of the plays.

In his spare time, Darshan enjoys taekwondo and is currently preparing for his black belt test. His dance and gymnastic abilities have made it easy for him to learn and execute advanced kicking, punching and self-defence techniques.