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Dave Monday

Non Union

My name is Dave Monday Oguorie (He/Him/His), and I hail from The Hague, Netherlands. Having relocated to Toronto at the age of 21, I have since established roots in this vibrant city. At 29 years old, I am blessed with two daughters, aged 3 and 6 months, and reside with my wife in Toronto.

From a young age, I harboured a fervent passion for acting, participating in numerous plays and talent showcases throughout my school years. My aspirations were fueled by a desire to carve out a unique legacy for my family, particularly in light of my upbringing by my father.

What distinguishes me is my rich cultural heritage, being of Indigenous and Nigerian descent, coupled with a dedication to physical fitness and the responsibilities of parenthood. Always vigilant for opportunities to provide for my family, I approach each endeavour with punctuality and unwavering commitment, embracing feedback and guidance as essential tools for growth and refinement.

In terms of education, while my formal academic journey may not have followed a conventional path, I have gleaned invaluable insights and honed my craft through specialized acting classes with esteemed studios such as Milner Studio and EVN. I find that my learning style thrives in settings outside traditional academic structures, where focused classes offer the flexibility I require to excel.

My professional experiences include notable contributions to projects such as a Humber College showcase at Nuit Blanche and a performance at Meridian Hall’s Stomp for an audience of 3,000. Additionally, I have showcased my talents through various open mic events and engagements, including a performance at CAMH.

My personal journey has been marked by adversity, including familial discord and experiences within the foster care system. However, these challenges have only served to strengthen my resolve to break the cycle of judgment and negativity, striving each day to embody the best version of myself for my family and community.

Presently, I am engaged in an entrepreneurial course offered by the Native Canadian Center in Toronto. This program empowers individuals like myself to explore business opportunities, acquire essential skills, and foster meaningful connections within our community.

In summary, my journey thus far is a testament to resilience, determination, and a steadfast commitment to personal and professional growth. I am eager to continue forging ahead, leveraging my unique background and experiences to make a meaningful impact in both the artistic and entrepreneurial realms.