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Derek Groulx


Growing up, Derek (he/him) was always immersed in the performing arts: he enjoyed theatre, acted in school plays, learned the saxophone, and joined the school band. When it came to films, Derek would watch movies he enjoyed twice, using the second time to imagine himself as a character in the story, yet, he never considered acting as an option. After trying a somewhat traditional career path and several life-altering events, which could only be considered as signs from the universe, Derek is in a place where he’s open to trying new things and experiences.

Derek started to pursue acting after appearing in a commercial in which he recounted an experience involving catching a woman falling off a streetcar. That day on set changed everything. After working as a background performer and connecting with other actors and professionals in the industry, Derek has appeared in several commercials, music videos, and a production of “Contact” last summer. Being a part of the da Costa roster and having agent Cat Macfarlane in his corner boosted his confidence as a performer and creative.

During the first summer of the pandemic, Derek began writing scripts and treatments for series and sitcoms. He’s excited for where his passions and career will take him next.